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Since 1885 Rock of Ages has deftly combined the creativity of its designers with the unequalled skill of its craftspeople to produce the most magnificent mausoleums and memorials in North America. Rock of Ages draws upon its significant experience when manufacturing your columbarium as well.

Expert design and thoughtful planning are the keys to any successful memorial project. The Rock of Ages' team is at your disposal to aid you every step of the way.

During the planning and design process, the choice of material must be made. Because granite is uniquely remarkable in its alchemy of beauty and hardness, durability and grandeur, it is the preeminent material from which to create a memorial product, the beauty of which is virtually impervious to the passage of time.

Granite is found naturally in a wide spectrum of colours from classic grey to soft white, from warm coral pink to reverent black, offering a broad colour palette to accommodate every taste.

However, not just any granite will suffice. Granites vary markedly in many physical properties, including hardness, density, evenness of texture and structural integrity. As both an experienced quarry owner and a highly dedicated manufacturer, Rock of Ages carefully selects only the finest grades of granite from which to construct its monuments, feature pieces, statues, mausoleums and columbaria.

Aluminum Interior

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The most recent design option for niches is the aluminum single niche system. This option safeguards the privacy and respects for the families by incorporating an aluminum interior shutter. The design is very secure with tamper proof screws for both the exterior granite shutter and interior privacy shutter. This high grade aluminum is very affordable and durable. The niches come in a standard size of 12”x12”x14” and are available in other dimensions as well. The granite shutters for the columbaria cover a single niche and are interchangeable.

Granite Interior

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Rock of Ages all granite units will respond well to temperature fluctuations. Rock of Ages' strict specifications applied on choosing its single slabs of solid granite used for the exterior along with the precision sawing of the granite parts for the interior and the assembly with binding materials of the highest quality make these units very sturdy. The standard niche sizes are 12”x12”x12” and 14”x14”x14”. Our engineering staff can consider other niche sizes depending on the need or preference.

A full granite shutter combined with a special bronze device for the exterior and a private granite door for each niche inside help protect your loved ones from the elements and intruders. The exterior shutter will accommodate room for names and dates.

Polymer Interior

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For the columbaria models that normally utilize a granite interior niche we also offer an economical “Polymer interior”. This sturdy niche box is made in standard sizes of 12”x12”x12” and 14”x14”x14”. These models have the full granite shutter that is combined with a special bronze device for the exterior that is tamper proof.

After the designing stage is completed then comes the choice of the material. Granite is a remarkable stone. It is among the hardest and most permanent substances known to man. It is also one of the loveliest stones, ranging in color from classic grey to soft white, from warm coral pink to reverent black. But color is not the only difference between types of granite. Density, structural integrity and quality are extremely important. So we at Rock of Ages carefully inspect and judge every block from our own quarries and also select the best granites from all over the world that meet our high standard of quality. At Rock of Ages we will choose only the best granites for our columbaria, also when inspecting slabs the same tough criteria are applied.

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Our manufacturing capabilities set us apart from our competitors.  At our 160, 000 square foot facility, we are able to fabricate even the largest sized columbaria, provide you with nearly limitless design options and guarantee precision milling and assembly.  More than a century of experience and expertise stand behind every product we create, assuring you of the best value, quality and warranty available anywhere.  Our talented engineers, designers and craftsmen are at your disposal to craft a custom columbarium to your exacting specifications.

During the manufacturing process quality is always a priority hence great attention is paid to details in every step of the way from precision sawing to meticulous assembly. To achieve this goal proper machinery and craftsmanship are a must. That is why a constant investment in the latest equipment combined with the experience of our craftsmen is crucial. The materials used to assemble our columbaria are of the highest quality to ensure strength and durability.

Our Rock of Ages columbaria being pre-assembled help make them ready to install in the cemetery when they reach their destination. It eliminates all the problems and delays associated with onsite construction.

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